Doncaster College Publication Scheme

This page and document contained (Publication Scheme) has been compiled to ensure that Doncaster College complies with the terms of Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 whose requirements are set out in Section 3 below. The Publication Scheme has been approved by the Information Commissioner and is intended to improve the availability of information to the public. It covers a range of documents and will be monitored and reviewed at regular intervals.


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 public authorities must produce a Publication Scheme describing:


  • the information they will publish
  • the format in which the information will be published
  • whether or not the information is available free of charge


This Publication Scheme is not an exhaustive list of information held by the College. It does, however, describe the types of information which are routinely available and facilitates access to that information. College documents, including the Scheme itself, can be made available in Braille, on audiotape and in some other languages upon request. Please clearly specify the format required when requesting information.


This Publication Scheme is available from this page, in College reception areas and on the College intranet. Wherever possible, direct links to information sources will be made available.


Material included in this Publication Scheme may occasionally need to be amended. This may be for confidentiality purposes or for reasons relating to potential invasion of privacy, commercial sensitivity, legal or medical professional privilege.


For further information, please click here to view the Doncaster College Publication Scheme.


Request for Information

To submit a request for information, please complete the form below or fill in a paper copy from the full Publication Scheme.

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