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Leon now works in London's Savile Row

We interviewed Leon for our September 2011 issue of the YouSpeak magazine. You can read it in full here:


A tale of unexpected twists, determination, stardom and the sharpest of sharp suits. The sort of thing that gets Hollywood directors palpitating. Intrigued? Meet ex Donny fashion student Leon Powell, tailor to the elite and gentleman to all, to hear how he paved his career in London's Saville Row.


Dazed and confused

Leon's career as a tailor hasn't always been so, ahem, clear cut. Spending one year studying interior design at university, Leon dropped out in a spell of uncertainty and took on a labouring job at British Steel.


After three years at British Steel, news reached Leon of the fashion course at Doncaster College, and so he declared steel capped toes officially OUT for the season, with just a little teasing and raised eyebrows from his mates. A fashion course? But you're a labourer? And a boy? You get the picture…


After the toil of his previous work, Leon applied the same work ethic into his studies and experimented endlessly.


Leon explains: "I was a little older than the other students on my course, but I really felt like I’d got a second chance. Being back in education, I knew I had to work hard and the work ethic from British Steel really helped. I actually had a part time job while I studied, but I just immersed myself in the creative process and spent all my time drawing and designing. There’s so much competition for jobs, you have to make the most of your opportunities and work hard when you study."


In vogue

After completing an apprenticeship, Leon went on to work as a coat maker and is currently employed as an under cutter at the prestigious Anderson and Sheppard on Saville Row.


You must be wondering about the famous people he dresses, about the exclusive circles in which he moves? So are we. But when it comes to discretion, Leon remains incredibly professional. “A gentleman does not kiss and tell.”


He explains: "People come to us because we mean quality and because the service is so personal, so unique. It is like a doctor patient relationship in terms of confidentiality. We do not advertise even, we do not need to."


A phenomenal future

Leon wants to reach the top of his field and to be able to look back in 30 years time and be considered a phenomenal cutter.


"People in the industry get good reputations and you get to know about it. The people who really inspire me now are the people I work with. I want to be one of those people – an expert. I’m proud of where I am at this moment. I’ve got passion and enjoy what I do."

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