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About our Services and Facilities

We work with business across Doncaster and the wider region to improve the skills of their staff in a variety of different ways to help them flourish. We give you training solutions that are specially designed to suit the needs of business of all shapes and sizes, from the mightiest oak to the smallest shrub.


We got our first apprentice from Doncaster College last year and we’ve been delighted with her. The benefit is that you bring someone in who has firstly a desire to work and secondly, a basic skill set that then we can build on rather than building from a lower base, so we get two benefits that way I think. Jim Doran runs DSW, a management and training consultancy and has employed an apprentice from Doncaster College. DSW won the Small Employer of the Year 2010 Award and are also sponsoring Apprentice of the Year Award 2011 in the Personal Achiever of the Year category

We offer a cornucopia of courses - apprenticeships, undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, work based qualifications (NVQs) and some courses are available fully-funded or at reduced rates.


Every year we provide training in Doncaster and Yorkshire to over 3000 young people and make them job ready. Their IT skills are up to date and because we provide vocational learning – learning that teaches them about the practicalities of working in an industry and not just about the theory; we give them the skills they need to become your future employees.


That’s important because young people who started a qualification in 2008/09 will generate an additional £75bn for the economy over their working lives, over and above what they would have contributed if they had not achieved these qualifications.


We apply this same ethic to our undergraduate degrees, professional courses and postgraduate qualifications. Our students are encouraged to work on projects relating to their own organisation and achieve real benefits.

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