Maryna Morshchagina
Name: Maryna Morshchagina
Country: Ukraine
Course: BA (Hons) Business & Management


Marina is currently studying the BA (Hons) in Business and Management at Doncaster Business School, High Melton.


"This is my 3rd year of study at Doncaster College, which I must admit, I am enjoying immensely. To begin with, it sounds rather banal, but all I was after was to learn the English language. I first heard about Doncaster College from my friends, who were extremely complimentary about it. They raved just about everything, the campus, the staff and even the muffins in the coffee shop! So I thought, “Why not?” And they were right, so much so that after a very successful year achieving IELTS Band 6.5, I was adamant that I wanted to stay on at the College and further my education even more.


"So I applied and was lucky to be accepted on an HNC Business & Management course, which I enjoyed very much indeed despite the fact that it was an extremely challenging one. By the end of the year and after putting much effort into my studies, I was delighted to find out that my result was a merit! I understand now that it was not my personal efforts alone but also the exceptional tuition of the College lecturers that made this possible for me and it can be achieved by anyone who puts their mind to it.


"This is now my 3rd extremely enjoyable year at Doncaster College, studying for a BA (Hons) degree. I have to say that this course does not only provide one with an excellent tuition opportunity but also with plenty of chance for self-development, it also prepares one for a professional career in an extremely competitive real world.


"Without hesitation I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this college to anyone looking for all the best things education has to offer."

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