2009 sees the launch of 'Enterprise'



Bringing enterprise and Innovation in to the curriculum, will introduce its own unique method of training. This process is fundamentally about the development of the person.  It leaves learners whatever their background, age and academic achievement with a framework of understanding and enterprise skills that allows them with confidence to face the unknown in a rational and opportunistic manner.


In other words they develop their intrinsic potential to innovate and to be entrepreneurial.

The Innovation Lab process recognises the distinctive nature of enterprise and innovation as follows:

  • Innovation and enterprise are relevant to all subject areas
  • The subjects have to be taught and assessed, on a practice centred action learning



  • Tutors of innovation and enterprise have to be practitioners
  • Innovation and enterprise induce positive changes in the personal attitudes of those that embrace them, making them more employable
  • Innovation and enterprise create, and need, a distinct culture in which to flourish.


In accepting the above points and in embracing their implications, Doncaster will become an Enterprise College.




By placing itself at the centre of innovation and enterprise in Doncaster, the College will:

  • Create earning opportunities it would not otherwise be able to access. These are all concerned with stimulating enterprise, in education, community and in business.
  • Become a valued and influential member of the Doncaster business community.
  • Further enhance its positive profile in the town being seen as a key to the town’s prosperity.  
  • Enhance staff performance by making them more innovative and entrepreneurial driving the College forward in the face of change.


In accepting this, the College will become a powerful driver for change in the town making it a place where innovation and enterprise thrive for the benefit of all. 



Becoming an Enterprise College involves integrating innovation and enterprise into the structure, the life and the curriculum of the College.


Each Academy/Department in the College sets up an Enterprise Centre to serve its subject area. They are led by an ‘Enterprise Ambassador’ appointed from within the respective school. The Centres are self sustaining entities each with their own business plan, their teaching and training programmes are based on a common practice - centred approach in which students develop their knowledge and skill through action learning.


The Centres generate income under three headings as follows:

  • Level 2 to Level 4, FE courses. LSC funded.
  • Innovation and enterprise training/short courses to public and private organisations working in the subject area of the School. Full Cost Recovery 
  • Trading through an Academy/Department ‘company’ delivering services and products to other schools and to external customers on a commercial basis.


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