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Centre for Human Performance Fit for Purpose

Students from across Doncaster visited the Centre and took part in a range of activities and trials.

Pupils from Schools in the Doncaster area recently visited the Centre for Human Performance based at University Centre Doncaster, High Melton.


The learners participated in a sport science experience day.


Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences students from the Foundation Degree at the University Centre were given an excellent opportunity to work with the school pupils as they administered a range of sport science testing used to measure the pupils strength, flexibility, peak power, speed and agility.


The data collected by the students on the day provided schools with a great indication of their pupil’s general fitness which can then be used in Physical Education lessons and also applied to Maths and Science lessons.


Rachael Watson, a Teacher of Physical Education at Balby Carr Community Sports College, said: “We found it useful as the students were able to use a variety of different pieces of equipment which are unavailable in school such as the Light Gates and the Watt Bike. The service supported our curriculum requirements as students were able to use the information given on their fitness testing module."


Neil Griffiths, a University Centre Sports, Exercise and Health Science student commented: "The day gave me a greater understanding into sport science and fitness testing, but also helped me see what it takes to adapt them to different ages, abilities and individuals. It gave me good experience of the role of a Sport Scientist and using the equipment has made me confident for future events.”


The Centre for Human Performance is based at University Centre Doncaster and offers a range of Sport Science support activities, and would like to work with any local schools, sports teams or individual athletes.


If you would like any further information please contact Ben Adams, on 01302 553780 or


Updated: 06/01/2012

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