Charlotte Says it Won't Cost the Earth

Charlotte Hobson

Charlotte Hobson is a student on a mission. Her love of the environment and the animals that inhabit it, are her concern and she wants to make it everybodys!


Charlotte, 21, and a student on the Life Skills Course at Doncaster College wants everybody to join with her and switch off their lights for an hour on Saturday 31st March. It's part of a campaign called Earth Hour that the World Wild Life Fund is staging.


Charlotte says, "It's a global event where hundreds of millions of people turn off their lights all across the world. Earth Hour is not just about saving an hours electricity, it's about realizing that the actions we take, from the energy we use to the food that we buy and the water we drink, has an effect on the world. It does not cost you anything and you could be helping to save our wonderful planet."


Charlotte, from Everton near Doncaster, also campaigns for other wildlife concerns, at the moment she is supporting a 'more fish petition', which concerns fish that are caught in nets and thrown back dead in the sea.


Charlotte will continue to support endangered species and campaign for the environment and encourage the rest of us to do so.


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