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Dr Graham Hitchcock PhD, MA, BEd (Hons)

Current roles


I have worked in higher education for over twenty five years and have a range of teaching experience from A level to masters level work. I trained as a sociologist and gained my Doctorate from the University of Manchester in 1980 after completing postgraduate study and obtaining a teaching degree. I have published in the United States of America, Sweden and the United Kingdom. My major field work was undertaken in the north of England and northern Sweden, focusing upon the ethnography of an inner city open plan primary school and the relationship between ethnic revivalism and the politics of education change. I have written many articles on educational issues, research methods and related topics and co authored Research and the Teacher: a qualitative introduction to school- based research and a revised second edition, both published by Routledge.

Current modules taught

I teach across four programmes of study; BA Early Childhood Studies, In Service Certificate and Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, Pre Service Professional Graduate Certificate in Education and the Masters in Education programmes.

Research / scholarly activity

Learning Materials producation and publication

I have been engaged in a range of activities surrounding the development and publication of learning materials.

Publications (Chapters)

1982: ‘The social organisation of space and place in an urban, open Plan Primary School’, in E. C. Cuff and G. C. Payne (Eds) Doing Teaching: The Practical Management of Classrooms, Batsford: London.

1983: ‘Fieldwork as practical activity : Reflections on Fieldwork and the social organisation of an urban Open plan primary school’, in M. Hammersley (Ed) Ethnography of Schooling, Driffield: Nafferton Books.

1988: ‘Life History and Cultural Representation’, in H. Johansson, U.P.Lundgren and T. S. Popkewitz (Eds) Challenge Future Through Your Culture, Proceeding of the Symposium in Pedagogics, Lulea, Sweden 12-15 June Centek: Sweden.


1979: ‘Preliminary notes on the doing of fieldwork and ethnography’, Urban Review, Vol 11, No2, pp203 – 223, USA.

1983: ‘What might INSET programmes and educational research expect from the Sociologist?: Part One’, British Journal of In – Service Education and Training, Vol 10.

1983: ‘What might INSET programmes and educational research expect from the Sociologist?: Part Two’, British Journal of In – Service Education and Training, Vol 10.

1987: ‘Transferable Skills: A Dip HE contribution to the debate’, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 11, (3), pp92-108.

1990: ‘Knowledge, Skills and Curriculum Change: Issues for social science teaching in Higher Education’, Journal of Further and Higher Education, Vol 14, No 3, Autumn.

1995: ‘Writing Lives: Life History, oral history and the Human Documentary Tradition’, Sociology Review, September, pp18-23.

1997: ‘Narratives from Slavery: Some notes and methodological reflections’, Occasional Paper No4, Occasional Paper Series, Doncaster College, Faculty of Business and Professional Studies.

2009: ‘Writing about writing: An interpretive review of Understanding Teaching…and Teaching in a Cold and Windy Place.

Review Article

Review of W. Louden, Understanding Teaching: Continuity and change in Teachers Knowledge, London: Casell, in Educational Review, Vol 44, No 2, pp223-224.


1989: Research and the Teacher: A Qualitative Introduction to School Based Research, with D. Hughes, London and New York: Routledge.

1995: Research and the Teacher: A Qualitative Introduction to School Based Research, with D. Hughes Second Edition . Substantially revised to include sections on Feminism and research, developments in qualitative methodology, cultural studies, narrative form and research implications of postmodernist theory.

External activity / professional links

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