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Students Can Compete With Their Interactive Cookbook

Posted: 22nd October 2015

A number of learners from Life Skills (both past and present) have entered a Jisc national competition and are in with a chance of receiving £5000 funding to turn their idea into a reality! The team need your support to gather votes!

They have designed an Augmented Reality cookbook that shows simple step by step instructions on how to cook basic meals.

The book is aimed at people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities who may find it difficult to follow and process instructions.

Other cookbooks have lots of words and some pictures and assume that the reader has an understanding of some of the terms used. This book starts at the most basic level and allows learners to work at their own pace, repeating steps as necessary.

Our concept can be extended to many other step by step guides to be used in schools, colleges, specialist learning providers and even in higher education. Our plan is to create a library of resources available for providers and for people aiming at independence or supported living.

We are currently in the process of producing a step by step guide for a Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapy department in an FE college. This will allow learners the opportunity to watch specialist procedures in their own time and at their own pace. The offer could be extended to many other departments.