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Students Quiz Local MPs

Posted: 17th December 2015

Students at Doncaster College recently had the chance to quiz local Doncaster MPs, Ed Miliband and Rosie Winterton.

Rosie and Ed visited The Hub on Friday to discuss with students their ideas to improve their futures.  Students listened about registering to vote and why it matters to them and future generations. Ed Miliband said: “We had a good discussion about the impact politics has on everyday life, particularly younger people, and the importance of being able to take part in that by voting.”

MP for Doncaster Central, Rosie Winterton opened the event by giving an overview of how easy it is to register to vote and the importance of doing so, “Your voice matters to not only your own future, but that of future generations as well.”

The pair continued by asking students about the issues that were important to them discussing local transport impacting on jobs, work experience and job relevancy for people their age as well as wider discussions around the importance of the European Union and how it affected them.

Students also discovered how politics and government affect most parts of their lives, and what they themselves can do to help topics be raised at a variety of levels, from the College’s own student parliament, to the national Government.

College student, Jordan commented, “This really opened my eyes to what MPs like Ed and Rosie can do in Doncaster.”

At the end of the session, students gathered to ask questions in smaller groups and posed for photos with Ed and Rosie.

Rosie Winterton said: “It was a really successful visit. I think the students enjoyed learning about the workings of Parliament, and hearing about our work as MPs.”