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Unlocking Dementia

Posted: 2nd February 2016

Doncaster College Health and Social Care and Public Services students have been learning methods to help people with dementia.

The Student Union team welcomed Darts (Doncaster arts) to deliver their performance, Unlocking Dementia to help support students whilst on programme and into their next steps within employment.

The performance sets scenes with discussion following to allow students time to reflect on the issues raised. The opening scene “Technology” shows the user experience of a person with dementia.  A student commented, “Using technology can make me frustrated so think about if you had dementia….it must be so frustrating for them”.

Actors used a bookcase to illustrate the memory difficulties experienced by people with dementia; memories on the top shelf were the ones that fell first if the bookcase became wobbly.

Students commented that they will be more understanding and are now more aware of how people with dementia can feel in situations.