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Jade Wins Summer Award

Posted: 18th August 2016

Engineering Lecturer, Jade Pinder has been received the Professional Recognition Award for the 2015/16 Summer Term.

Presented by Principal and Chief Executive, George Trow the awards are designed to recognise the professional contribution that staff make towards the work of the College.

Nominators for Jade praised her enthusiasm and positive attitude, enhancing the whole Engineering department, commenting that she has brought it from the shade into the light.

Jade has an artistic ability that puts the ‘normal’ into a different class. Although very young in college teaching terms she has thoughts and ideas that show great feeling and maturity that the rest of us can only aspire to. The learning environment and experience she has created for her learners is above and beyond the normal expectations of the rest of us.

Thanks to all of the work done to her personal and general electrical engineering spaces, the whole department has been lifted from a drab, monotonous area into an area that screams of a ‘we can do anything if we want to’ attitude, which impacts onto the curriculum positively. Talking to people generally, they all speak in glowing terms that the department now feels that we are allowed to take ownership of our areas and can make decisions that we feel will impact positively on our students.

During the recent OFSTED inspection we were all made aware of the work done by Jade and were encouraged by management to visit her area to see what the inspectors would be looking for and to use her as a benchmark and for the signs of good practice.

Most importantly, the students love working in the environment created by Jade and it has never been like this previously.

The award is given three times a year so a member of staff is honoured once a term. Staff are nominated by at least five colleagues from different areas of the College. The College’s Executive team then views the nominations and decides on a winner.