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Pushing the Button on Bullying

Posted: 18th November 2016

To mark anti-bullying week Doncaster College students have joined together to raise the profile of a variety issues faced by young people.

The Annual Bullying Survey 2016 reports that 1.5 million young people in the UK have been bullied in the past year alone and many don’t feel able to report it.

With one consistent message to ‘push the button’ students are asked to take a zero tolerance approach on matters which include unhealthy relationships, sexting, radicalisation and online abuse.   As part of anti-bullying week the College Student Union team have devised a series of engaging student activities including; Facebook privacy health checks, selfie challenges and short film viewings, all of which are informative and aimed to dispel myths on current issues.

“At the College we recognise young people face bullying in all aspects of their lives and it’s our job to empower students with the tools they need to take action.  Our push the button reporting system has grown immensely to incorporate the new threats faced in an ever changing world”, Natalie Marshall, Lead Practitioner in Health and Wellbeing at Doncaster College.