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Award winning start to the New Year

Posted: 4th January 2017

Lecturer and Course Leader, David Feeney has been awarded the Professional Recognition Award for the 2016/17 Autumn Term.

Presented by Deputy Principal, Catherine Parkinson the awards are designed to recognise the professional contribution that staff make towards the work of the College.

When asked why David should receive the autumn term professional recognition award, nominators said:  Since the start of the academic year, David’s department has been strained.  David took charge of the running of day to day duties, covering extra classes and ensuring that the department was running well.

He worked closely with the admin team to support enrolment, late applications, DBS checks and student queries in a professional and supportive manner.

He went to all the board and partnership meetings where he did what was required, despite not knowing exactly what that was or should be.

In addition to the extra workload, David was determined to push forward with the Google Apps for Education pilot investigation, ensuring that this would work and the students would feel the benefits of this.  This has, so far, been very successful; yes, with hurdles, but David has worked hard to overcome these.

When asked what impact David has on his curriculum area, nominators said: David has been very professional and supportive in his role, helping staff and students wherever possible, making sure that the learners and staff feel valued and supported.

When asked in what way David contributes to the success of the College and our students, nominators said: David is pushing forward with the Google project which will revolutionise the way students interact with Lecturers, and the way in which they store and share learning will be much more interactive.