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Frequency Festival of Arts

Posted: 19th January 2017

January 23rd sees the launch of Frequency Festival at University Centre Doncaster, High Melton. Organised by teaching staff for the Degree programmes in Music and Performing Arts, the festival will offer students a wealth of valuable knowledge through a week of presentations, workshops and events focused on Music, Theatre, Dance and Moving Image.

Industry specialists will visit High Melton to share professional expertise and experience,

and to offer critique on students’ work, whilst professional composers and visual artists from as far afield as Mexico will present new pieces commissioned specially for the festival, followed by Q&A through video conferencing.

It promises to be a highly rewarding and valuable experience for students who are looking to prepare for employment in the music, film and performing arts industries.

The BA in Creative Music Technology course is designed to engage students with a practical understanding of the core areas of music technology to support employment in the industry.


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