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Changes to The Hub and Applicant's Day

Posted: 13th April 2017

The College is continuing to undertake essential building works at The Hub Campus in order for the HE curriculum to be relocated for September 2017. This will be in the context of classrooms and support areas including changes to the Learning Resource Centre.

Following recent discussions with the Local Authority, there is the possibility that space will be allocated at a location near the Hub site for parking at discounted rates for students. Discussions will continue with the Local Authority to firm up arrangements in this regard.

A HE Applicant’s Day will be held on Saturday 6th May from 11am until 2pm. You are welcome to attend and any questions you may have will be addressed on the day. This event will also include orientation walks of the building as well as our plans for exciting changes to the Learning Resource Centre. If you are a continuing student please feel free to visit The Hub at any time to familiarise yourself with the facilities etc.

Please continue to access the College’s social media sites and website for updates. We look forward to seeing you in September and hope that you will enjoy the exciting changes ahead.


Catherine Parkinson
Acting Principal and Chief Executive