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Double Win for Professional Recognition Award

Posted: 3rd May 2017

Academic Services Manager, Sarah Crossland and Learning Support Assistant, Debbie Bamford have both received the Professional Recognition Award for the 2016/17 Spring Term.

Presented by Deputy Principal, Catherine Parkinson the awards recognise the professional contribution that staff make towards the work of the College.

Sarah’s nomination was signed by an outstanding 9 members of staff when a nomination only requires 3. It is very rare that nomination forms are received endorsed with so many signatures.

Nominators say of Sarah, “She boosts morale with her positive approach which is infectious and encourages everyone she comes into contact with to be more productive in their work.  Her vast knowledge of the College and the educational environment is exceptional, as is her work ethic.  She is willing to explore creative and innovative ways we can deliver information and resources to both staff and students, with the learners’ experience always as the highest priority”.

For the past two years Debbie has supported in Positive Choices and Life Skills.  She engages well with the students and encourages the best from them.

Nominators explain that Debbie brings a sense of calm to an environment, ensuring that learners are given the best chance to succeed.  She has a positive ‘can do’ attitude and a wealth of strategies that she can use both with students and to share good practice with other LSAs.

The award is given three times a year so members of staff are honoured once a term. Staff are nominated by at least three colleagues from different areas of the College. The College’s Executive team then views the nominations and decides on a winner.