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Awarding Winning End of Term for Staff

Posted: 24th July 2017

Engineering Lecturer, Brian Pendleton, e-Services Support Assistant, Leigh Kirsopp  and Learning Support Assistant, Pea Pflasterer have all received the Professional Recognition Award for the 2016/17 Summer Term.

Presented by Deputy Principal, Catherine Parkinson the awards recognise the professional contribution that staff make towards the work of the College.

Pea’s vibrant positive manner impacts significantly on all the students she comes into contact with.  It is not unusual to hear students say that due to the support and encouragement she has given them, they are hoping to return to study at the College again next year.

Leigh has demonstrated an unwavering approach to making sure that the newly proposed LRC is reconfigured giving our FE and HE students the best possible experience.  She has managed student focus groups and other student feedback mechanisms ensuring that their voices are listened to and suggestions included at every stage of the planning process.

Brian has a wealth of knowledge in his subject area that he shares with other members of the group.  He is enthusiastic about his subjects and has an ability to spark the students’ interest.  He is a positive role model for new staff and students assisting them to achieve their full potential.

The award is given three times a year so members of staff are honoured once a term. Staff are nominated by at least three colleagues from different areas of the College. The College’s Executive team then views the nominations and decides on a winner, however this round proved challenging with an outstanding three awards given!