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Students Get Creative with Final Project

Posted: 15th December 2017

Recently final year students on the BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies programme were put through their paces as they presented their innovative projects to a panel of employers as part of their final assessments.

The panel consisted of Representatives from education, early years and the community: Keith Robinson, Manager of ITT Doncaster; Helena Honeybone, Head Teacher, Town Field Primary; Rebecca Fisher, nursery teacher and Claira Slater, deputy head from Green Top Primary. From the Private, Voluntary and Independent sector: Nathalie Firth, Setting Manager; Catherine Mather, child minder; Leslie Clark, owner/manager; Kelly Severn, assistant manager/ SENCO and Tracey Fry EY Manager from community based provision.

Students researched and led projects within their placement settings and presented these through the use of Prezi software. They used the project to enable them to apply the well-established theories of leadership and change management and supported their presentations with the use of props and materials where appropriate.

Janine Ryan, senior lecturer said: ‘This assessment enables students to work as part of a team in their placement setting and gain some experience of the challenges of leading developments in practice. It also enables them to practice presenting to an unknown audience, which prepares them for future employment.’

“The innovation and change presentations were a great process to be part of and seeing students whom have children at the heart of what they do was delightful to see.”, said Rebecca, Green Top Primary. “The impact of these projects on the children we meet is invaluable and I urge all involved to continue nurturing the learning process and those precious moments of curiosity.”