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Undergraduates enhance their employability

Posted: 7th February 2018

The recent collaboration between the BA (Hons) English degree programme delivered here at the University Centre Doncaster and the local community radio station, Sine FM, has strengthened links with the community whilst providing students opportunity to enhance their employability.

Five first year undergraduates completed the free five week course, ‘Sine FM Presenter Development Module’, and are thrilled to have been able to use their new skills already. The course included learning how to use studio equipment, presenting skills and an overview of the history of radio. The course was delivered at Sine FM’s Netherhall Road studio by Jon Kelly.

The students incorporated the digital and presentational skills attained on the course into a multimedia assessment in one of their level 4 English modules, ‘Intermedialities’ and are planning to work with the station on future projects that will utilise their skills further.

Pictured here with Sine FM’s Jon Kelly (Media Training Coordinator), Paula Hope said the course has not only helped with her assignment but she is planning to present a ‘Book Club’ programme later in the year.

Similarly, Emma Kelsey, who is also preparing a forthcoming show on the station, highly recommends it for anyone who is considering a career in broadcasting. Lisa Dightam added that the Sine FM course was very useful and related well to the degree programme.

Student rep Lisa Sellors revealed that her experience of the English degree far surpasses her expectations of it as she never envisioned that she would be creating websites or digital timelines, both of which are incorporated into the modules on level 4. Lisa said that collaborations with outside organisations, such as Sine FM, demonstrate the university centre’s commitment to their students.

For more information about the  BA (Hons) English degree, please contact Heather Thaxter on 01302 558575, Simon Stevenson on 01302 558355  or Joanna Kazik on 01302 553789

Photo: l-r Emma Kelsey, Lisa Sellors, Jon Kelly, Bryany Turner and Lisa Dightam