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Globe and Tate Modern Visit

Posted: 29th March 2018

In early December, we braved the cold weather to explore two sites in London: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the adjacent Tate Modern. The tour supports research work and assignment projects undertaken in the early modern literature module at level 5. We enjoyed a tour of the reconstructed playhouse where Shakespeare’s dramas were performed and had a rare opportunity to witness rehearsals for a Christmas choral performance. But a special demonstration of early modern stagefighting was a true highlight of the tour and we even tried our hands various swords and lances.

The tour of the Globe Theatre was followed by a visit to Tate Modern. We focused on themes relating to intermediality as part of the Intermedialities module at level four. A modern version of the Babel tower was popular with many of us:

The orange swings, displayed as part of the temporary exhibition on the ground floor and free to use, were a particular favourite though and we spent a long time swinging!