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Pop along to our art exhibition on LRC4!

Posted: 5th March 2018

An art exhibition designed by BA (Hons) English students is currently on display in LRC4. It documents the work completed by the students for an early modern culture and literature module on the programme.

The exhibits focus on plays by William Shakespeare and includes an exploration of costumes in King Lear by Jordan Cunningham, a sketchbook of women’s dress in Romeo and Juliet by Alex Blank, a multimodal investigation into witches and gender in Macbeth by Mags Butcher and Sarah Newton, and a short film on crossing gender boundaries in Twelfth Night by Naomi Ladd and Josh Taylor. Work on the projects gave the students a chance to enhance transferrable skills by engaging with different technologies and digital tools. It also strengthened their networking skills, essential to job search and employment, and led to successful co-operation with other professionals such as Michelle Black, a local costume designer and maker.

The exhibition comes after a successful trip to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London earlier this year. The students enjoyed a tour of the reconstructed playhouse where Shakespeare’s dramas were performed. They also had a rare opportunity to witness rehearsals for a Christmas choral performance and tried their hand at early modern stagefighting during a special demonstration. The students described the trip as fantastic and commented on how the experience of the space, acoustics and paint effects at the theatre helped them embrace more fully the work done on the programme.

The exhibition is at the library on level 4 and is open to all students and staff at the Doncaster College and University Centre.

To find out more about the exhibition and the programme, please contact Joanna Kazik on 01302 553789, Heather Thaxter on 01302 558575 or Simon Stevenson on 01302 558355.