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13th Early Years' Conference

Posted: 1st May 2018

The 13th Early Years’ Conference, Learning to Move, Moving to Learn, with keynote speaker Sally Goddard Blythe was attended by over 100 early years’ practitioners, teachers, academics and students across the borough. The keynote was informative and stressed the importance of attention, balance and coordination as a central requirement to learning.  Sally stressed the importance of early reflexes, their functions in early development and their effects on learning and behavior if retained which challenged delegates current understanding.

Workshops from: Ben from Inspired Children; Lily from Beat Goes On and Jane from Funky Feet provided creative, exciting and inspirational workshops where delegates were taken out of their comfort zone and were opened up to new idea. There was a lot of Serotonin produced for sure!

Thank you, the whole day has been exciting and very worthwhile on a Saturday!’ – Nancy Farrow from Grace Owen Nursery School

‘Had a fantastic day lots of new ideas to take away, thank you’- Gill West- York Learning

The Early Years Department will be hosting the next conference event on 25th November 2018