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Doncaster College recognised for playing an integral role to European project

Posted: 10th April 2019

Doncaster College and University Centre are nearing the end of a 2 year project which has seen painting and decorating tutor Glen Galbraith travelling across Europe to meet with other Colleges.

This exciting project involves Doncaster College as well as other Colleges from Belgium, France, Portugal and Slovakia.

Paint Up is a project that is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and the Painting and Decorating Association; Erasmus+ is a European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport.

The Painting and Decorating Association work closely with Doncaster College hosting nationwide competitions at The Hub; it was the PDA that recognised the strong competences within Doncaster’s painting sector and apprenticeship programmes that the College offers. From this Glen was selected to represent Doncaster College playing an integral role in the project.

The 2 year project was created in order to look at the role the tutor plays within the apprenticeship training and the employer links that have been formed in order to guide a learner through a series of qualifications.

Working collaboratively the Colleges have created a tutor’s practical activities guide, the creation of an on-line course tailored to tutors as well as other learning tools to enable the Paint Up tutors to implement best practice for the apprentice’s.

Speaking with Glen he states ‘Our European partners do not have the strong links that are forged through the dedication and hard work of the tutors at Doncaster College and through mapping different methods of working, it is hoped that a one size fits all approach can help in forging links with students and employers, Europe wide’.

Glen has worked at Doncaster College for over 4 years and is one of the tutors for painting and decorating at level 3.

When asked why Glen chose to get involved he answers ‘I saw the project as a great opportunity to work closely with other partners across Europe to disseminate our ideas form within our teaching system and maybe gain a valuable insight into the methods employed by our European partners. It turns out that we all have offerings that will be involved in the final report and it may be a tool that can be used to incorporate inclusive systems Europe wide’