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Open Mic Night 10th September 2019

Posted: 24th September 2019

There was a real buzz at UCD’s second Open Mic event! The attendees were treated to an electric mix of verse, from witty repartee to thoughtful laments and a variety of different styles in between.

Host and budding poet Naomi Ladd introduced the acts with flair and style. The audience reaction to every performer showed their appreciation and admiration for all who the perfectly positioned spotlight shone on – thank you the lighting crew!

Whether the stage was a familiar space or for some brave souls treading the boards for the first time, the applause was genuine and heartfelt.

“I thought the mix of guest speakers and volunteer poets was great!” said one attendee, while another acknowledged how “the ‘main event’ works well as a focal point around which to structure the evening.”

The two guest speakers, Ian Parks and Laura Potts, enriched the evening with their ease of style and unique talent. For two eminent poets to attend and participate in this, as yet, little known event, shows their recognition of this budding enterprise.

Ian, who runs local Read2Write poetry workshops expressed his delight at being invited and was impressed by the whole proceedings.

Although in its infancy, this regular event, driven by English undergraduates wishing to showcase the wealth of student talent, as well as the wider open mic scene in Doncaster, is already proving to be rewarding to all involved. It is vital that this venture is embraced fully, the voices on stage deserve to be heard!

We hope to see you at the next Open Mic evening on Tuesday 22nd October!