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'New Beginnings' A collaboration of influencers and emerging artists

Posted: 29th October 2019

A collaboration of influencers and emerging artists

New Beginnings – a group exhibition organised, curated by, and featuring a group of then 2nd year students: Katrine Barber, Kerrie Dolby, Rosie Elliott, Alexander Farr, Kim Farr and Sacha Gray. Invited by the students, it also showcased current work by programme lectures: Andrea Sutton, Mike Bunn and Jerry Leigh. The exhibition explored the processes of making practices, including drawing, printmaking, painting, ceramics and sculpture.
This successful exhibition took place this summer from July 13th – 28th 2019, also becoming one of the highlights of Doncopolitan’s Culture Crawl. This is an integral part of the ongoing development of Doncaster’s Arts and Culture scene and we were delighted to be amongst the artists taking part.