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Katrine Barber - Ceramics Showcase - Craft Centre and Design Gallery Leeds

Posted: 19th November 2019

Katrine is currently in the 3rd year of our Fine Art and Crafts programme specialising in ceramics. She has developed a personal practice utilising University Centre D0ncaster’s outstanding ceramic facilities and has been invited to showcase her latest pieces at the Craft and Design Gallery in Leeds city centre.

21st April – 25th July 2020


A word from Katrine…

I’m influenced by the simple idea of creating beautiful objects which complement and enhance their surroundings. In the frantic world we live in today, I want a sense of peace to envelope the viewer when they look at my vessels and I spend hours hand building, shaping, burnishing and texturizing my pots, ensuring each line flows into the next. The way the light plays across the surfaces is important, the interior shapes being as important as the exteriors. I use a heavily grogged raku clay which emphasises the texture, the lines following the shapes of the vessels. Thinking about the environment, each piece is fired only once and they are then cold finished with colour, mixed to complement the shapes. I feel that not using glazes minimises the use of chemicals and retains the tactile nature of that simple material, clay, without the layer of glass that glazes add. I encourage the viewers to touch and hold them, I like my pots to be stroked!”