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'For The Love Of Scrubs'

Posted: 22nd April 2020

Doncaster College tutor Noreen Nasim is supporting a national campaign to help address the shortage of scrubs within the NHS. Noreen is spending much of her free time in her sewing room and is encouraging others to do the same, Noreen first heard of the shortage on a Facebook group called ‘For The Love Of Scrubs’. Initially starting with just a few in the group the word soon spread and now comprises of thousands of volunteers, sharing patterns, suppliers and taking orders from NHS workers. Noreen states ‘This is a fab way to keep busy for all those who have machines whilst helping towards such a worthy cause’

So far Noreen has sewed a total of 28 sets of scrubs for various hospitals and surgeries around South Yorkshire, along with 45 uniform wash bags and 10 scrubs hats and she hopes to do many more.

For more details on how to get involved visit Facebook group ‘For The Love Of Scrubs – Our NHS Needs You’ or visit this video where Noreen explains more.