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Programme Lead of English at University Centre Doncaster has work recognised in published chapter.

Posted: 23rd April 2020

Heather Thaxter responded to a call for papers two years ago from Dr Gregory Hampton and Dr Kendra Parker for inclusion in The Bloomsbury Handbook to Octavia E Butler.

Octavia E Butler (1947-2006) was an award winning author of sci-fi and speculative fiction who earned recognition, not only for her undisputed talent, but for being the first African American female to enter what was historically the domain of European male writers. Butler was one of the forerunners of Afrofuturism, which combines African mythology and science fiction.

As Heather discovered, the process for academic publication is lengthy due to the various stages of acceptance, peer-review and editing. The title of Heather’s chapter is a quote from Butler which has become her legacy, in that she ‘lives forever’ in a literary sense.

Heather says “I am pleased and honoured to have my work in the same publication as renowned sci-fi author Steven Barnes and other highly respected scholars in that field. Having being accepted for inclusion in such a prestigious publication as Bloomsbury has renewed my confidence to continue with my plans to study for a PhD in Afrofuturism”

Heather is busy with her next project which is another publication due out at the end of this year, further details to follow!

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