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My Journey as an Animal Care Student - Student Blog

Posted: 7th July 2020

My journey started when my beloved puppy passed away.

A not so good experience with the veterinarians and their excessive charges made me decide that I want to open my own small veterinary clinic, charging less than the national prices for consultations and treatments. I am aware that my dream is big but my determination and will power to succeed will get me through in helping the animals and their owners by offering them reasonable prices. Homeless people will have free consultations for their pets. This is my ultimate dream to make an impact on society.

I started studying at Doncaster College in 2018, enrolling on to Animal Care Level 1. Not knowing anything about it made me feel somewhat anxious but my tutor Chloe Palmer was extremely supportive, and she decided to put me straight onto Level 2 as she felt I was more advanced. My tutor Jo Young, on this more advanced level, helped me greatly increase my experience and knowledge.  I really enjoyed my time spent in class, in both theory and practice. Handling the animals safely and providing them with the necessary husbandry made me more responsible, giving me a sense of achievement.

After the completion of Animal Care Level 2, I progressed onto Animal Management Level 3 Foundation Year with the very young but knowledgeable and experienced Jordan Jones. I knew it would be a rocky road ahead, but Jordan made us feel comfortable and gave us courage, talking us through what we would be doing throughout the year. It was a much more in-depth course compared with Level 2 but also more interesting and exciting.

Here I am, completing the course with a Distinction Grade which will help me on my progression route. My tutors were extremely supportive, guiding me and answering my questions on how to go ahead with my plan in studying Veterinary Nursing.

I guess one can achieve anything with a bit of ambition and if this is exactly what they want to do. Loving the animals so much from childhood, I now know that I will never be happy working anywhere else but in this field.

I take the time to give thanks to these amazing people who were my tutors and technicians over the years – Jo, Jordan, Clare, Alex Roberts and our support tutor Megan.

Indeed, it was an amazing and beautiful journey showing that hard work always pays off!