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Over 900 people tune into UCD virtual event.

Posted: 6th July 2020

The University Centre Doncaster enjoyed record numbers for their first Children’s Learning and Development virtual event. Over 1,500 registered for the online event, which took place on the Monday 8th May, with 900 members of the public tuning in to listen to Curriculum Performance and Development Manager Janine Ryan and Lecturer Sam Robinson talk on the topic of Adverse Childhood Experiences. The purpose of the event was to bring light to an important topic which is extremely relevant during these difficult and uncertain times; as well as providing a chance to show what is covered on the course at the University Centre Doncaster, with many of the attendees coming from industry to listen to the UCD’s experts. 


Both Janine and Sam played a huge part in the great number of viewers that attended, by reaching out to their network of contacts within relevant fields to invite them along. The webinar was an informative topic-driven event with the aim of exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences; making it feel more like a virtual lesson and allowing attendees the opportunity to gain knowledge which they can transfer into their workplace. 


Janine commented “We realise we have a social obligation to share our knowledge and experience of working with the most vulnerable children to help and reassure all our attendees who we can connect with through a live webinar event. Our webinars provide useful information for professionals who work in the front line with children and young people and we intend to continue our webinar offer to provide insight into many aspects of current interest e.g. how to build children’s resilience during Covid-19. We hope that through our webinars we can inspire people to join our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes so that we can all make a difference to young children’s lives!”


The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) webinar saw great traction as it was a chance for the attendee to develop their knowledge and hopefully learn something new to apply within their work. What’s more, due to the current circumstances caused by Covid-19, many people question how these difficult times will affect the future. The relevance of this topic is clear as Sam commented “Due to the impacts of covid-19, ACEs are a hot topic when considering children’s experiences and potentially long-term impacts on their outcomes. The webinar session provided an overview of ACEs and discussed the impacts of toxic stress. The session also provided some practical tips for people working with children, such as identifying behaviours seen in children suffering adversity and some ways in which children’s outcomes can be supported. The importance of prevention and early intervention was a strong message portrayed throughout.”


It was wonderful to see such a large turnout for the HE Children’s Learning and Development Team’s webinar, this is down to the hard work and effort put in by the team to reach out to their contacts and spread the word, and to create interesting and relevant webinar content.