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Doncaster College and University Centre recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ by industry as they join the NextGen network

Posted: 24th August 2020

We are pleased to announce that NextGen is working with Doncaster College to offer students in South Yorkshire the AIM Qualifications Level 3 Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills from September 2020.

This 2-year full-time course has been developed by leading creative studios to meet their skills needs, it teaches students the relevant up-to-date techniques, software, and personal skills needed to succeed in the Games, Animation and VFX industries. With quality industry engagement throughout, and industry set projects that replicate the studio experience, it is the tried and tested route into the creative skills pipeline.

Phil Attfield, VFX Partnership Director at NextGen Skills Academy, said:

“NextGen, along with our Employer Steering Group, is proud to welcome Doncaster College and University Centre to the NextGen Network. All providers that deliver our Level 3 Qualification are recognised as a centre of excellence by our partners in the Games, Animation and VFX industries.

“The NextGen Employer Steering Group were particularly impressed by the college facilities for students and the commitment from tutors to deliver specialist STEAM courses like NextGen. We are looking forward to working with the team at Doncaster to educate and inspire the next generation of leading digital talent in South Yorkshire.”

John Stopforth, Director of Digital at Doncaster College and University Centre, commented:

“We are excited to be joining the Next Gen Skills academy family, Next Gen will add an exciting technical qualification that enriches and enhances the learners looking for the most direct path to work in the Animation, Games and VFX industries. With industry led projects and workshops the learners will be challenged to meet the high professional standards needed to get ahead in Creative and digital Industries. There has never been a more exciting time in the sector with content production needs growing every day from so many sources.”

Doncaster College and University Centre are taking applications now to start the AIM Qualifications Level 3 Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills in September 2020. For more details and to start your application visit [LINK], call 0800 358 75 75, or email Adeel.Hussain@don.ac.uk to register your interest.

About the course

 The Games, Animation and VFX sectors are academically stretching but vocationally focused. The NextGen / AIM Qualifications Level 3 Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills teaches the fundamental skills and knowledge identified by employers. NextGen students learn directly from industry through inspiring masterclasses, industry set tasks, events, feedback, and live-streams. All while learning and mastering industry standard software.

The course was developed in 2014 by NextGen with industry collaboration from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Microsoft, Ubisoft Reflections, The Imaginarium, Blue Zoo, Framestore, DNEG, Centroid and MPC. NextGen are always expanding and have since added Creative Assembly, Sumo, and Playground Games to their roster of supporters. This cohort of some of the biggest studios in the creative industries continues to support, update, and guide the course and its content.