North Lindsey College and Doncaster College merged together on 1st November 2017 to become the DN Colleges Group.

This merger is the result of an extensive review and consultation process to determine how to create the strongest future for our colleges.  As the DN Colleges Group, Doncaster College and North Lindsey College will continue to provide the same high quality local teaching and learning opportunities, with each college retaining its own name and distinct identity as part of a major new education provider for the region.

Support for Merger

We are delighted that our merger ambitions have been supported by our local college communities and external partners.  The merger is seen as a positive move, based on the needs of students, that will achieve more for our students, staff, partners and communities than would be possible if we remained as independent colleges.

Keeping it Local

Local teaching and learning provision is an important principal of our new organisation and will continue unchanged. There will be no immediate changes for staff or students at either college:  current courses will continue and prospective students should apply for courses in the normal way.  There will be no requirement for any student to change campus, relocate, or visit a different campus for the course they are currently taking.  Application procedures for future courses also remain unchanged.

Routes to Local & Regional Employment

We will now be able to build on the existing strengths of both colleges, offering increased choice for all our students, to support their learning journey and progress towards employment.  We aim to build a network of skills development and training that will benefit local and regional businesses and communities.  And importantly, this will all help to support future employment needs within and across regional boundaries.

An exciting future lies ahead for our college community and we’re look forward to making the most of the opportunities this merger brings.

If you’d like to know more about how we can support you in your skills, learning or business needs, please contact 01302 553553.