On behalf of the Corporation, I am pleased to share with you the Corporate Strategy Refresh for 2015-18. The Strategy continues to focus on securing the future development and success of the College and outlines our ambition going forward particularly how we will infl uence, support and further develop the community we serve.

Why a refresh? We have reviewed and adjusted our priorities and objectives to ensure that we remain focused and clear about our strategic direction in the light of emerging national, regional and local agendas. We have assessed our values as remaining current and relevant with students at the heart of everything we do and have further developed them to embrace the need for innovation and enterprise.

Our vision continues to highlight the College`s critical role in transforming lives and improving the local economy whilst our mission remains focused quite rightly and deliberately upon students to assist them to realise their potential and achieve the very best they can.

We have assured ourselves that we remain in a good position to meet the various challenges through our three core-funded work streams: Preparation for Work, Progression in Work and Returning to Work. However, we recognise that there needs to be an increased emphasis upon enterprise and commercial activity with stakeholder collaboration and partnerships to sustain the business and enable appropriate re-investment of funds in our students and staff.

The Corporation recognises that the College is in a unique position to transform lives and therefore needs to continue to grow and develop to appropriately and eff ectively prepare students for the challenges of life and work. This will ultimately secure the long term future of the College with a benefi cial impact on our community and the economy.

The Corporate Strategy is a high level document and this refresh therefore focuses on the ‘big picture’ rather than the fi ne detail which is more appropriately outlined in operating plans designed to underpin and deliver the overall Strategy.

I would like to thank all those who have contributed to, and will be instrumental in, the continuing development and success of the College – our students, employers, fellow governors, managers, staff and partners in the town and wider region.

Ruth Brook
Chair of Corporation
February 2015

Click here to view the Corporate Strategy 2015-2018 document (.pdf)