We believe that safeguarding students, staff and visitors is our paramount concern and therefore safeguarding issues take priority in relation to any other policies and/or procedures.

We ensure the safety, effective protection and prevention of maltreatment or impairment of health and development of children and young people, in line with College policy, local policies and procedures and Government Legislation.

We also ensure the College responds effectively to the ideological challenge of terrorism and extremism and the risk of radicalisation.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding can include a range of potential issues, such as:

  • bullying, including cyber bullying, (by text, on social media etc.) and prejudice based bullying
  • racist, disability and homophobic or transphobic abuse
  • radicalisation and extremist behaviour
  • child sexual exploitation, in the context of young people
  • sexting
  • substance misuse
  • risk management and safety of others in relation to admissions and on course students
  • issues that may be specific within Doncaster
  • particular issues in relation to domestic violence, sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation and forced marriage
  • Children and Young People who are missing from home and/or education.

What is Prevent?

Another aspect of our safeguarding is the PREVENT duty, which the Government states that we have to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism, supporting terrorism or being drawn into non-violent extremism.

We have a duty to ensure that those identified with vulnerabilities are given support and advice.

The Government defines extremism and extremist behaviour as vocal or active opposition to fundamental British Values, which include:

  • Individual liberty
  • Rule of law
  • Democracy
  • Mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and belief.

The College’s Designated Prevent Officer is Kirsty Knivett. She can be contacted via telephone on 01302 553741.

Student Welfare Case Workers

  • Paula Kelly – 01302 558418
  • Andrea Liddement – 01302 558518


Designated Safeguarding Officers

  • Kirsty Knivett (Lead)
  • Sally MacDonald (Deputy Lead)
  • Maria Lowry (Deputy Lead)
  • Sally Senior (Deputy Lead)

You can contact these by phone on 01302 553741.

The Designated Safeguarding Team can be contacted for information and support in relation to the safeguarding of Young People and Vulnerable Adults and also Child Sexual Exploitation.