Employing an Apprentice

We manage Apprenticeships locally and can advise you on ways to develop and train your workforce. Contact us on 0800 358 79 79 or emailapprenticeships@don.ac.uk, or by filling in the form further down the page.

  • Most apprenticeships are offered to 16-24 year olds
  • If you send us a job description we can help find the right staff for your company
  • The employer needs to pay the wages of the Apprentice
  • The employer may be expected to contribute to training costs


Doncaster College has a long history of working with the local business community to train and develop our young people through Apprenticeships. We offer a variety of placement opportunities in many different areas – Apprenticeships are not just for those who want to pursue the traditional sectors such as construction and trades.


The employer toolkit is designed for employers that want to develop a more inclusive and accessible Apprenticeship offer. It provides practical information, sources of support and inspirational case studies of employers who have benefited from hiring and supporting disabled apprentices.


According to YouGov research (October 2009), over 80% of people are more likely to use a business if it offers Apprenticeships to young people, and 94% think it is important that companies support young people by taking on apprentices in the recession.