BA (Hons) Applied Social Science

The programme is designed to equip students with a range of transferable skills alongside a wide and detailed understanding of issues pertinent to the world in which they live and work. The knowledge base of social science provides understandings suitable for any work environment, but the knowledge and skills developed on this programme are especially pertinent to those wishing to engage in working with individuals within communities. Students are taught to think critically about a range of topics, and have an enhanced awareness of issues such as equality and diversity, policies and politics, which prepares them for successful community engagement and professional training in related areas such as social work and education.

The knowledge base and academic framework for this programme is made up of three discipline pathways; Psychology, Sociology and Social Policy and two applied pathways; Research and Employability.


  • Course Level
    Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
  • Duration
    3 years full-time or 6 years part-time
  • Awarding Body
    University of Hull
  • Qualification
    Bachelor of Arts
  • Department
    Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Employer’s Views

“The location is perfect for people wanting to study higher education around the Doncaster area. Applied Social Science is a very interesting subject and because of the small personal classes you get the best you can from the course. The course lecturers are enthusiastic about their subjects, which rubs off on the students.” MM, Year 1 student

“The quality of teaching and assessment is incredibly high, which is reflected in some stellar work being produced.” External Examiner, 2015

The Applied Social Science programme is interesting because it gives students the opportunity to be independent learners/thinkers. I feel this is a good part of the programme because it helps students in preparation for the world of work in roles such as managers and teachers. The ability to think and make decisions on your own initiative is very useful.”  FC, Year 2 student

BA (Hons) Applied Social Science


Studying Applied Social Science at High Melton has been the most positive journey of my life!

Exploring the main disciplines Sociology, Social Policy and Psychology has not only widened my knowledge of why and how society works as it does, but it has also given me a valuable understanding of myself. The widespread content of the course allowed me to define where my interests are, which enabling me to really focus on topics and gain a depth of knowledge.

In the first year of studying towards my degree (2012) I became pregnant with my daughter who was born in the summer break. Returning straight after the summer break to study with a six week old baby, a nine year old and ten year old child was the hardest decision I have ever had to make!

Getting through my second year of studying was extremely hard work because every day I had conflicting responsibilities of managing my family life and studies, often with little or no sleep at all! However, not once did I, or have I regretted my decision to continue studying. Furthermore, I truly believe that part of my successful completion of the course was down to the tutors being so approachable, supportive and understanding.

Throughout the course I had no specific career goal; however, my interests grew towards equality and human rights and I knew that achieving a degree in Applied Social Science would help me gain employment in many different careers.

In November 2015 I gained employment with Citizens Advice, Witness Service as a ‘Service Delivery Manager’. I feel proud to work for such an excellent organisation and I thoroughly enjoy my job; without doubt studying Applied Social Science helped me prepare for my role. Daily I communicate and meet a diverse amount of people, such as volunteers, victims, witnesses, police and solicitors which surrounds a range of socioeconomic and cultural factors.

‘Hegemonic Masculinity’ was a topic I studied in depth and I am still astounded and sometimes saddened by the amount of times each week that I can apply the concept to many defendants on trial! However, it feels great to be able to have an understanding of the ‘bigger picture’.

Furthermore, the organisation is going through an organisational restructure. Again, the module, Learning at Work has given me valuable understanding and knowledge of restructuring organisations and changing work cultures, that I am at the moment applying within my role!

BA (Hons) Applied Social Science


My name is Rachael Tordraighen (nee Chowings) I sat the Applied Social Science degree programme at High Melton 2006-2008 and it is while there that my passion for self-education and academia grew.

My pathways during the course enabled me to learn a broad range of subjects across the social sciences and through my understanding and interest made me decide that a career as an active researcher and lecturer was what I aimed to do.

Following my time at High Melton I applied for my Masters in Social Research Methods at The University of York. Like my time at High Melton, class sizes were relatively small and I felt I could exploit the teaching and self-learning far more than if I’d been one student in a large auditorium.

My Master’s thesis incorporated my interests that I’d developed on both my BA (Hons) and MA and looked at relationships dynamics of non-romantic friendships on-line in created spaces.

It was while studying for my MA that I became pregnant with my eldest son (now 2 ½ yrs.) and I graduated whilst pregnant (it was a surprise to find that I wasn’t the only pregnant woman graduating!)

After having my son I decided that I wanted to pursue my academic interests further and began to look for PhD studentships all over Britain. I looked on the BritSoc website at the current jobs boards where PhD Scholarships are listed. I applied to several institutions, Southampton, The Centre for Research of Families and Relationships (Edinburgh), Glasgow Medical Research Council, The University of Nottingham and finally my wild card of The University of St. Andrews.

I gained a telephone interview for the University of St Andrews for a PhD Studentship in Human Geography and it was whilst on the phone after a lengthy chat that I got offered the choice of two PhDs due to my knowledge gained from my time at High Melton coupled with my ESRC recognised MA.  Even though the term Human Geography seems to imply a positivist outlook, the interest in the department I now work looks at everything from gender issues, health, population studies, fertility, and education.

My current research which began in January 2011 looks into the dynamics of ex-military and retired households following either a change in labour market position, a change in residence or a combination of both.

As well as my research interests I’ve also been giving tutoring hours within another department within the school of Geography and Geosciences in Sustainable Development.

During the first year of my PhD I had my second child and I’m now back at work after 6 months maternity leave. Life is pretty hectic at times, but I believe that my broad knowledge of social issues learnt at High Melton, coupled with my own passion for learning and self-improvement helped me in furthering my journey into academia.

BA (Hons) Applied Social Science



A year since I completed the BA (Hons) Applied Social Science degree, and I am now working as sole Accounts and Administration Officer for the Good News Broadcasting Association (GNBA), which produces Christian radio programmes, broadcast throughout the UK and worldwide. Whilst my job is not directly associated with Social Sciences, I believe that the breadth of the course was great preparation for what I now do; meeting and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds encompassing a range of cultural and socioeconomic factors.

More specifically, the degree course provided great training for many aspects of my current role. Several course assignments were carried out in teams and I believe this has had a positive impact upon my ability to work as an effective team player today. We were also required to conduct presentations which are something I would have described as being very much outside of my comfort zone. However, having gained experience in this area, I am now more confident of my capability; indeed, I am frequently involved in team meetings and have to manage groups of volunteers on a regular basis.

The course content was extensive. In the first and second years, I was able to explore a number of disciplines including Psychology, Sociology, Law, Criminology and Education. As well as widening my knowledge, I was able to determine where my interests really lay, and this culminated in the third and final year, where I was able to pursue my personal interest in disability studies. I found the topic of my dissertation upon disability and peer group influences to be a very rewarding and enlightening process and believe that my skills of analysis and research were developed. Indeed, I draw upon these skills repeatedly in my current role at GNBA.

Although the BA (Hons) Applied Social Science course was very intense and at times the workload felt excessive, I have not for one moment regretted my decision to study this subject at the University Centre, Doncaster. The staff members were extremely approachable and I would certainly encourage students who have already started the course to ‘stick at it’. For those who may be considering embarking on the course, I would offer encouragement to ‘give it a go’. With a vast range of modules to choose from, there really is something for everyone.


BA (Hons) Applied Social Science


Enrolling on to the BA (Hons) Applied Social Science degree was one of the best decisions I made. The degree opens many doors to future career prospects as it enables you to specialise in a wide range of subjects for example; psychology, sociology, criminology, social policy, social welfare, children in education and research methods. Gaining this degree has put me on the path of my lifelong ambition of becoming a primary school teacher as I am currently studying a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education at York St John University.


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  • Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).

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