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Excel Intermediate

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Customised programme

  • Duration

    1 day

The course covers the following –

  • Excel 2003 v 2007 v 2010 (and later);

  • Quick Access Toolbar;

  • Named Ranges;

  • Data Validation (using Named Ranges);

  • Absolute Values (‘Locking’ the cell reference);

  • Data Transfer between worksheets and spreadsheets;

  • Conditional Formatting;

  • Formula Auditing;

  • IF Statements and Formulas;


  • Inserting Charts;

  • Sub-totals;

  • Pivot Tables;

  • Paste Options;

  • Date and Time Functions;

  • Placing Existing Data into a ‘Table’;

  • Themes;

  • Adapting the view of the Spreadsheet;

  • Inserting ‘Screen-Shots’;

  • SmartArt Graphics;

  • What-If Analysis;

  • Macros

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    Please use the following links to make an enquiry about this course.

    Apply online Make an enquiry Call 01724 294040

    Course Fees

    Course: £130.00; Total Cost: £130.00

    Information for EU Students

    From January 2021, how you apply for a course will change. For more information, read the UK Government's guide for the UK points-based immigration system for EU students (pdf).

    Visit our International pages for more information and contact details