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Excel Intermediate

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Customised programme

  • Duration

    1 Day (9.00am – 4.00pm)

• Excel 2003 v 2007 v 2010 (and later)
• Quick Access Toolbar
• Named Ranges
• Data Validation (using Named Ranges)
• Absolute Values (‘Locking’ the cell reference)
• Data Transfer between worksheets and spreadsheets
• Conditional Formatting
• Formula Auditing
• IF Statements and Formulas
• Inserting Charts
• Sub-totals
• Pivot Tables
• Paste Options
• Date and Time Functions
• Placing Existing Data into a ‘Table’
• Themes
• Adapting the view of the Spreadsheet
• Inserting ‘Screen-Shots’
• SmartArt Graphics
• What-If Analysis
• Macros


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Apply online Make an enquiry 01724 294030

Course Fees

Course: £130.00; Total Cost: £130.00

Information for EU Students

From January 2021, how you apply for a course will change. For more information, read the UK Government's guide for the UK points-based immigration system for EU students (pdf).

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