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CMI Level 2

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The CMI Level 2 in Team Leading programme is designed for team leaders and supervisors to improve their understanding and performance in their role.

The award is a concise qualification designed to give learners a basic knowledge of the various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader and the limits of their authority and accountability.

  • Duration

    Various (9.00am – 4.00pm)

• Unit 1 – Introduction to Team Leading
• Unit 2 – Communicating with a Team
• Unit 3 – Monitoring Team Performance

1 module (Award), 3 modules (Certificate) completion of combined knowledge, skills and behaviours (2 days delivery per module at the College)

Minimum level 1 English and Maths
Level 2 (or GSCE) in English /Maths is desirable.


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Please use the following links to make an application or enquiry about this course.

Apply online Make an enquiry 01724 294030

Course Fees

Award - £210 + Reg Fee £95 = £305

Certificate - £490 + Reg Fee £130 = £620

Information for EU Students

From January 2021, how you apply for a course will change. For more information, read the UK Government's guide for the UK points-based immigration system for EU students (pdf).

Visit our International pages for more information and contact details