Do you love animals? If a career working with animals is your goal our Animal Care courses are for you!

Studying at our Hub campus and Aston Springs Farm, you’ll be in the perfect place to get hands-on working experience.

We have a fantastic variety of animal species ranging from small mammals, reptiles, birds, livestock and exotics. You’ll learn about the daily husbandry routines for the animals and experience handling, feeding, exercising and undertaking routine health care treatments.

Combined with our links to external organisations, you will also establish excellent work placement opportunities ready for your own animal care career whilst making new friends.

Amazing Facilities

You’ll work with our on-site animal facilities and experience caring for livestock at Aston Springs Farm!

Expert Staff

Our Animal Care staff are experienced in a wide range of background, including zoo-keeping, veterinary nursing, and wildlife conservation.

Study Abroad

Some of our students take part in overseas exchanges, including South Africa game reserve management and Swedish farm placements.

Aston Springs Farm

As an Animal Care student, you’ll regularly work and study at Aston Springs Farm with the wide range of animals at the visitor attraction.

From alpacas to rheas and loads more between, you’ll work hands-on with the animals and the staff there.

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