I joined University Centre Doncaster in 2011 and undertook a degree programme in Early Childhood Studies. Whilst completing this I trained to be an Early Years Professional with Best Practice Network. I was fortunate to work in a range of settings across Rotherham and Doncaster which enabled me to put my knowledge into practice.


This case study research endeavours to assess the impact the government’s funding for two year olds has had upon the child in looked after care (LAC), his main carer and the setting which he attends; through the use of data from semi structured interviews conducted with the child’s main carer and key person, developmental records based upon observations of the child and meeting minutes from a Child in Need meeting. The meeting minutes and the interviews collectively suggest that the main carer is facing difficulties however the carer and practitioner agreed that the funding has made a noticeable improvement upon the child’s development and the carer’s emotional wellbeing. This level of care and support was found to have a somewhat negative impact upon the setting placing extra demands upon practitioner’s time. However, on the whole practitioners took pride in supporting this family, suggesting high quality early interventions can significantly improve a child’s future developments and achievements.


Click here to download A case study to establish the impact of the Early Education for Two Year Olds upon a child in Looked After Care, his main carer and the setting he attends – PDF