Issue 5 Foreword
by Janine Ryan

I am pleased to bring you the fifth edition of the Early Years Magazine, Autumn 2017.

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Workshop by Sue Palmer

Touching on current issues and interesting topics such as modern day play and risk assessing, thought provoking and insightful content throughout the course of the day excited and inspired all that were lucky enough to partake.

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Workshop by Andrew Clifford

This workshop focused on how society invariably views play and risk and how practitioners need to address these myths and focus on the undoubted benefits that outdoor play provides.

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Workshop by Rebecca Bell

The Magic Story Box: a Story Box of Laughter, Joy and Playfulness,  revealed a simple but effective method of using story and drama to enhance moods, states of mind and capacity for learning.

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Dissertation by Tracey Fry

A research report to ascertain why some families with children aged 0-1 years choose not to access Children Centre services and to identify ways to overcome potential barriers

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Dissertation by Leanne Connor

A Comparative Study of Outdoor Learning between the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1

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Case Study: Kelly Severn

Kelly begins training for her Level 4 forest school teacher come September 2017.

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