Rebecca Bell enchanted delegates, at the recent Early Years conference held at UCD, with a wonderful mixture of laughter and energy to promote the Magic Story Box.

Using her knowledge and experience of practice as a drama practitioner, teacher, strategic thinker and coach to the mission of improving learning outcomes for children and young people, and inspiring dynamic change in learning organisations from all sectors,  A vibrant and invigorating session from start to finish left delegates energised and exctied to try the Magic Story Box techniques in their settings.

The Magic Story Box: a Story Box of Laughter, Joy and Playfulness,  revealed a simple but effective method of using story and drama to enhance moods, states of mind and capacity for learning focussing on Early Primary and Foundation Stage age ranges, but with clear broader applications. The session released the magical ritual of the story box and immersed delegates into the stimulating and playful world of story. Within this imaginary world, brought to life through drama, delegates experienced a range of fun, creative teaching and learning approaches that inspired creativity and the application of independent and original thinking.

Narrative learning adventures were effectively modelled which support the seven areas of learning and development and seven key principles of designing a brain–friendly learning environment. The session brought energy, a sharp, well-informed mind, and high levels of challenge with equally high levels of support to delegates who were provided with thought-providing story and drama telling strategies that invoke ‘EYFS Asthma’ – that excitement that makes children draw their breath in anticipation.

Rebecca has a proven track record for consistently delivering outstanding training underpinned by an excellent understanding of pedagogy.  A highly positive attitude, a complete passion for and commitment to education, clear moral imperative and a superb sense of humour, she delighted her audience. Rebecca applied the level of detail and specific focus required to effect successful change and development, characteristics which are critical to effective training, leadership and coaching. Delegates who attended voiced their delight at being exposed to such an infectious and enthusiastic speaker and cannot wait to feedback their findings when they try out the Magic Story Box approaches for themselves.

Rebecca will be returning for the 12th Early Years Conference Inspring Children’s Imagination on 23rd November at The Hub campus, Doncaster. Book your place through Eventbrite.