Whilst completing my Foundation Degree at University Centre Doncaster I developed a passion for child development and the theories surrounding the subject which then led to me completing the Top-Up BA (Hons) course. The degree provided insightful valid child development themes and opportunities for discussion with like-minded individuals. The period of study has been challenging but rewarding and will support by future career choices


All children deserve the opportunity of a rich learning environment which supports their development in literacy in order to improve future life chances, whilst creating a positive disposition to learning and challenges. Research has identified theories and pioneers which support the process of emerging literacy (Piaget, 1926; Vygotsky, 1978; Athey, 2007). This study discusses the findings whilst aiming to document the effectiveness of the phonics programme Read, Write, Inc. in response to the research question “Does the Read, Write Inc. phonics programme support emerging literacy within Early Years” The application of an action research methodology supported the researcher to identify areas of change, triangulation of data were achieved though parent questionnaires, childrens’ focus groups and staff interviews and analysed applying a grounded theory method (Glaser and Strauss, 1967). Non probability sampling were chosen for its simple selection process which aims to allow for a varied viewpoint (Cohen, Mannion and Morrison, 2000). The research found that the phonics programme Read, Write, Inc. did not consistently support emerging literacy for children in early years. However findings indicate that a multiple-perspective to phonics is taught through a collaborative partnership approach with educators and parents. These finding have contributed successfully to this research project, which can be applied as a source for future discussions to implement improvements to practice.


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