Rebecca Bell returned to UCD for the 12th Early Years Conference; Inspiring Children’s Imagination to inspire delegates with the Magic Story Box approach.

With resources displayed in an inviting way the workshop participants’ curiosity was ignited when entering the room. Developing this curiosity and creative thinking is a key element of the Magic Story Box approach, using children’s interests and the power of the story to foster their imagination.

The Magic Story Box approach encourages practitioners to explore our own imaginations through careful selection of resources e.g. a scientist laboratory coat, a medicine jug and a pipette. The continuous provision and the enabling environment should allow for whatever the Story is in the Magic Story Box to develop, through the provision of  rich learning opportunities for children.

Rebecca Bell oozes enthusiasm and joy throughout the workshop which undoubtedly would be mirrored when using this approach with children. On reflection participants consider the learning which children would achieve with all seven areas of learning easily being covered through this creative approach. The journey of the Magic Story Box does not really conclude in the workshop; it continues, excites and inspires the participants to want to learn more, to try this in practice and see for themselves the positive learning outcomes for children.