Issue 7 Foreword
by Janine Ryan

I am pleased to bring you the seventh edition of the Early Years Magazine.

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Dissertation by Carriann Marsden

Investigating how loose part play impacts on children’s creativity and the knowledge practitioners have to effectively enhance learning and development.

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Dissertation by Rhianna Gardom

How Effective Is a Forest School Programme in Promoting Pro-social Skills?

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Dissertation by Jade Courtney

Game Based Learning in Mathematics: To what extent do teachers and students in one special educational needs school believe that game based learning in mathematics lessons impacts the learning of the students?

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Dissertation by Emma Francis

To what extent do practitioners in one primary school setting believe they effectively safeguard student’s experiences of using social media and the internet?

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Case Study – Jacqueline Southwood

‘If my narrative demonstrates anything, it verifies that you are never too old to learn and that it is never too late to change your own life and help make a difference’

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Case Study – Tracy Nisbet

‘I now feel equipped as an Early Years Childhood professional to confidently contribute and succeed in an ever-changing sector’

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Article – Sally Goddard Blythe

How Physical Development Lays the Foundations for Learning Success

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