Jade Courtney

I started a 2 year Foundation Degree in Children, Learning and Development at the University Centre North Lindsey College in 2015. Upon completing this course, I felt inspired to undertake the BA (Hons) Children, Learning and Development progression year to gain my full degree. Undertaking my disseration in game based learning within mathematics was inspired by both my passion for motivating students and my personal interest in the impact of game based learning within education. Consequently, I am now seeking a career in teaching in which I hope to continue to develop my understanding and use of game based learning, as well as applying the various skills and knowledge I have learnt during my studies.


This qualitative case study aimed to identify the impact of game-based learning in mathematics on students’ learning. Game based learning (GBL) can take several forms under two distinct categories: digital and non-digital. Literature identified that a primary use of game-based learning was to improve the motivation and engagement of students to positively impact on learning. Semi-structured interviews collected the experiences and thoughts of mathematics teachers, in which it was identified that, where motivation and engagement were positively impacted, students’ ability to focus and learn were improved. Using prompts, a focus group provided the students with the opportunity to discuss their opinions and experiences, highlighting the students’ need for personalisation and the way in which game-based learning impacts their learning. The conclusion discusses the extent to which areas of GBL impact students’ learning within mathematics and suggests recommendations for improvements and further research.


Click here to download “Game Based Learning in Mathematics: To what extent do teachers and students in one special educational needs school believe that game based learning in mathematics lessons impacts the learning of the students? – Jade Courtney” by Jade Courtney – PDF