We have everything you need for a fun and exciting Summer, right from your own home! We have worked together with some of our fantastic Learning Destinations to provide at least one activity a day for children and young people. Our friends over at Sheffield CU have also provided lots of activities to offer too! You can find all of these activities on our Facebook page.

CU Festival of Fun 2020

Click here to discover all activities included in the CU Festival of Fun 2020 and how to get involved. There are over 27 Festival of Fun activities for our CU members to take part in and earn CU hours this summer. Remember to fill in the reflection diary at the end of this document and send it to antonia.walker@don.ac.uk to claim the hours earned. Have a great summer!

Download the CU Festival of Fun 2020 activities guide

Claiming these hours

To claim these hours, your child (with your help if needed) must fill in our activities reflection sheet and email it to antonia.walker@don.ac.uk