Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Environment

The S.P.I.C.E programme is designed to support children identified by school who would benefit from a nurture group with a difference to boost confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

We have created a programme that can meet those needs set against specific group and individual key learning objectives.

The S.P.I.C.E programme is delivered at Doncaster College Forest School. Each week the children experience a range of challenging activities in line with the Forest School philosophy in a supportive and safe learning environment.

A fully qualified Level 3 Forest School Practitioner leads all sessions.

Measuring Impact

In partnership with schools we have developed a child and young people friendly process that enables us to collect information about each child and young person’s starting point, which enables us to measure the impact and distance travelled by the group and individual children and young people. So far we have had positive results of improved wellbeing, behaviour and academic progression in the classroom.


“The Forest School S.P.I.C.E programme is an inspirational, fun and intriguing programme that encourages children and young people to be the best they can be in a stimulating natural environment.

“All schools should seek out this programme-it’s a brilliant use of Pupil Premium in order to make a difference to pupils personal, social and emotional skills” Helen Baker, Teacher & Foundation Stage Manager, Rosedale Primary School, Doncaster

“The S.P.I.C.E programme is a fantastic opportunity for children to access learning in a really supportive environment linked to the outdoors. The programme has had a measurable impact on learning in the classroom for our children. The children have been able to show transferable social and emotional skills from the forest into the classroom. Feedback from children and parents was very positive”. Helen Bellinger Head Teacher, Town Fields Primary School, Doncaster

‘I had never done the things we got to do – it was amazing’ pupil

‘I think I can control my feelings much better now’ Pupil

‘He loved sitting around the fire pit and talking about his feeling – he is happier in school and less stressed’ Parent

‘I am extremely happy that my child got a chance to attend….there have been significant improvements in my child’s behaviour’ Parent.​


3 hour sessions for 8 weeks is a cost of £1000 for a maximum of 16 children

Bespoke sessions are available on request

Social – interaction, communication and team skills

Physical – development, exercise, health and wellbeing

Intellectual – understanding, knowledge and language

Cultural – understanding of the world, people and countries

Environmental – appreciation, awareness and respect