Please be aware that we are currently experiencing email service disruption, which began on 30th October 2017. Full details are below and further information will be posted when updates are available.

For any queries over the next few days, please browse our website for specific telephone contact details. For any urgent queries, you can contact us via Facebook and Twitter.

Updated 15:16 on 2nd November:

Email service has now been restored. Service may be temporarily slower while the backlog of emails received during the downtime is processed.

Updated 10:05 on 2nd November:

The email server has been moved from the High Melton site and is now installed at The Hub. Our IT Engineers will begin initial power up and testing of the server later this morning.

If the testing is successful the email server will go live later this afternoon.

Please note that due to this disruption in email service a backlog of approximately 24,000 emails has been created. This backlog will be processed over a number of days and will cause the email service to slow temporarily. During this time you will be able to access your inbox, send emails and access your calendar.

If you have any queries relating to the above update please do not hesitate in contacting the Service Desk.

Updated 10:18 on 31st October:

​Further to the messages yesterday, the decision has now been taken to remove the server from High Melton to install at The Hub. This will take place today and, once installed, the server will then be rebooted. This will take place overnight and emails should then be available late on Wednesday 1 November.

Updated 16:08 on 30th October:

Following investigations into the current email service disruption we have found the following:

  • A suspected fibre cable breakage at our High Melton site. As the College email system is situated on this site, the email service is currently non-operational. Our IT Engineers are at High Melton and will complete tests which will confirm this shortly.

If the fibre cable breakage at the High Melton is confirmed, external engineers will be needed to repair cable. This repair will take between 2 and 3 days.

As part of the relocation from High Melton, we have drafted plans for the relocation of the High Melton servers. We are currently evaluating an expedited deployment of these plans to relocate the servers to The Hub immediately – this will take between 1 and 2 days to complete this work. A decision will be taken this afternoon on which option to take.

Relocating the High Melton servers may result in some additional issues for users currently located in the Stables and for other systems at High Melton. Once a full email service is reinstated for The Hub, we will find workarounds to restore other services.

This disruption to the College email systems should not result in loss of in-coming emails but will result in receipt delays until service is restored.